What is Premium Snapchat and How To Sign Up?

Premium is a very common word in the app world as it is the alternative term for subscription-based services. The content creators use premium as a way of generating income but are they always Official?

Services like Netflix, Amazon prime, etc, distribute their content on a subscription basis. They charge their subscribers with a monthly or yearly premium and it is a standard business practice.

However, there are some applications where such a standard of business does not apply and Snapchat is one of them.

In this article, we will try to understand what is Snapchat Premium and how to sign up for it?

Snapchat is technically an application that allows its users to upload short videos and snaps with creative filters on it. However, it is also used for purposes other than filters. 

The users have the autonomy to upload images and videos in a normal mode too i.e., without the filters and this is the loophole that is in turn, a business opportunity for Snapchat users.

We will try to understand the actual connotation of Snapchat premium in the following passages. In addition, we will learn that it is just a clever tactic on the part of the users which Snapchat has no control over.

What is Premium Snapchat?

Let us be very clear that it is not a premium version of Snapchat like that of Spotify Premium or Netflix Premium, it is purely an unofficial version of premium that is developed by the users in a very simple manner.

So, the technical part of this is that the users change their privacy settings and ask their followers to pay for every post they upload in their timeline. This is mostly done to avoid breaching the privacy policy of Snapchat which doesn’t feature any sexual content.

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So, by making it private and consensual, the users can easily operate a private premium account under the guidelines of Snapchat’s privacy policy. It becomes a means of standard business.

The right referred to this business model is “User Premium Version” because it is purely user-generated and has nothing to do with Snapchat except for the fact that it provides the platform for it.

How to sign up for Premium Snapchat Account?

There is no way of signing up for Snapchat or upgrading your account to premium because it doesn’t provide one. But the question still remains. The following steps will help you to create or sign up for a premium account for the sake that matters

Step 1: Go to the settings option in your Snapchat application.

Step 2: Change the privacy settings to my friends only. This will allow only those users to see your profile who are your followers, which means who have access to view your post only after the due payment was made.

Step 3: Go to contacts settings and change it to my friends only which will enable only those users to message you who has access to your profile. In other words, your subscribers.

Step 4: Go to the story settings and change it to my friends only which will enable you to only allow your subscribers to see the stories you post.

These four steps will make your account private and only those users who have paid your premium can have access to your content.

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Point of information: There is no difference between a premium user and a regular user as both are users of the same application but with different privacy settings. The former is private and the latter is public which means that any user can view his profile, message him or view his stories.

The premium version of Snapchat is practically a way for content creators to cut expenses and have a direct deal with their subscribers and offer their services. It has no malice and is a safe way to operate any kind of business in a digital space. 


Is the premium version only for sexual content creators?

No, of course not, many users use it for commercializing their own content, and having said that, it can be used for any kind of content as long as it has the number of people willing to subscribe to it and pay the required amount.

What is the payment method?

Since Snapchat has nothing to do with the premium Snapchat narrative, the payment method of content creators remains solely at their discretion. The most probable choice of payment is digital payments.

Is this premium model only available for Snapchat?

Of course not, the premium method is available not just for social media applications. It applies to messaging applications as well.

There are a lot of people who use applications like Telegram, and Whatsapp for sensual video chats amounting to a payment. 

However, it must be considered that social media applications are more discreet and have better features for operating a private channel for any kind of content and this is why Snapchat has more popularity in this context.

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