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Best Non-Chinese TV Brands in India [2020]

If you are in the market for some Non-Chinese TV Brands then you will get some value here.

Just like the Smartphone Market in India Chinese brands are trying to get the same kind of hold on the TV Market as well and they are almost on the verge of getting there.

Almost every Chinese Smartphone maker is now launching TVs in India for quite some time now, from Xiaomi to OnePlus.

But unlike the smartphone market where you have pretty limited options to you, the TV market, however, has excellent offerings from Non-Chinese TV brands.

If you are looking for Non-Chinese TVs then read along as this article plots some of the best alternatives that are available in India.

1) Samsung

Samsung UA55RU7100KXXL

Samsung is one of the biggest non-Chinese TV brand based in South-Korean, founded in the year 1938.

Samsung is well-known for its Electronics, apart from TVs Samsung also makes other home appliances, it offers TVs across all ranges no matter what your budget is.

You can expect excellent picture quality with Samsung TVs.

2) Sony

Sony Bravia  KD-55X7002G

Sony; a Japanese company founded in the year 1946, although it failed in the Smartphone game it still has a good product catalog when it comes to TVs.

It is still a big name in the TV market with best in class technology.

You can expect a pretty decent picture and sound quality with the Sony Bravia series.

3) Panasonic

Panasonic TH-55FX650D

Panasonic is another prominent electronic manufacturer founded back in 1918 in Japan.

Just like Sony, Panasonic too failed the Smartphone race in the hands of the Chinese brands and as of 2020 Panasonic is no-where to be found in this market.

It might have lost the Smartphone race but its Home Appliances section is pretty strong with top quality product across categories.

4) LG

LG 50UM7290PTD

LG can’t be left out when we talk about TVs, LG was founded in South-Korea in the year 1947 ever since then it has grown into a huge brand across industries.

LG is one of the best in the market if we talk about Home-Appliances as a category, from product range to quality, LG got you covered in this department, you can expect excellent picture and sound quality with LG, it will Surely make your Life Good.

5) VU

Vu 32GA

VU which is a recently known brand has been around for quite some time now.

VU was founded in the year 2006 by the Indian Businessperson Devita Saraf, VU has its headquarter in Mumbai, India.

VU is the highest-selling TV brand across E-commerce platforms in India.

6) Onida

Onida 55UIB1

Onida is an Indian company founded in the year 1981, Onida has been making electronics for a long time now.

Onida has a decent catalog of products if we talk about Home Appliances and electronics in general.

7) Micromax

Micromax  L55TA7000UHD

Micromax is another home-grown company founded in the year 2000. Micomax with its Smartphone became really popular in India but unfortunately couldn’t compete with the Chinese brands, later it diversified its product across industries.

Along with TVs Micromax also makes ACs and some other consumer electronics.


So these were some of the Non-Chinese Tv brands in India that you can consider buying, this list was not in any order.

Just like how Phones have been losing on bezels for some extra display along with getting bigger, TVs too have been on the same run, all of these brands offer modern TVs with smart features.

Which Home-Appliance brand is your favorite and why is it so?

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