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Best TV Brands | Top 7 | [2020] | TecValue

Sometimes it can be quite a task to choose the best TV Brand for you, with so many options around, unlike choosing a smartphone where you are stuck with almost everything Chinese, TVs has quite a good number of brands from around the world.

TVs nowadays comes with smart features, from OLED displays to Smart Android TVs.

Every brand featured in this article has a good product catalog that will meet your budget & requirement, their offering includes both Budget and Premium TVs.

1. Samsung

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Samsung is the most prominent TV manufacturer around the globe, with over 20% share of the TV market, Samsung has been the largest TV manufacturer since 2006.

Samsung has product for all categories, its product offering starts with quite a budget-friendly price and goes as high as you can imagine.

Its TV ranges from HD to recently launched 8k panel with HRD support.

You can expect one of the Best Picture & Sound Quality with Samsung TVs for a reasonably priced product.

2. Sony

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Sony is also another TV brand which is of good quality, the Japanese company has a decent catalog of products that fits in every budget & requirement.

Usually, Sony TV provides good Picture Quality at a decent price, it has products in all types of panels.

Sony also has Smart TVs with Android OS inside which will end your quest for Digital Content on a huge and crispy display.

3. LG

Picture Credit: Amazon

LG is one of the best TV brands out there, although LG is not that go-to brand for Smartphones now, it is still one of the most popular brand when it comes to TV.

The South-Korean company has one of the best product offerings on this side of the Appliances Market, and there are no doubts about its quality.

4. OnePlus

Picture Credit: Amazon

The new entrant in the industry, OnePlus, has been one of the most sought after brand for Smartphones in India recently came with its TV series.

Most recently it launched the budget series with a starting price of just 12999INR.

5. Xiaomi

Picture Credit: Amazon

After selling the most number of Smartphones in India Xiaomi also took the Television Market with its product in the market.

Although its a good bargain for the price the products are offered, you cannot expect the Picture Quality of Samsung, LG or lets say Sony with its TVs.

If you are on a budget and wants a huge display you can consider Xiaomi.

6. TCL

Picture Credit: Amazon

TCL is also a new brand in the Indian market, it has a fairly decent quality product for the price.

iFalcon is another TCL brand which you can consider while making a purchase.

7. VU

Picture Credit: Amazon

VU has its headquarter in Mumbai and founded by an Indian Businessperson in the US.

VU became the largest selling TV brand in India via E-Commerce.

The product catalog is very limited if you are just looking for VU television.


This list of “Best TV Brands” was not in any order and before making a purchase you must look for what you want on your TV.

Most important things you must look in a TV.

  • Resolution
  • I/O like HDMI etc.
  • Sound

As the display is one of the most important aspect of a Television you must always consider a higher resolution display, even if the sound quality of a TV sucks you can always fix it with a soundbar.

Let us know your favorite brand from the lot and why is it so?

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