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These phones are listed based on the needs of customers which basically ranges from office work to streaming to being able to carry out different kinds of tasks and the features that make them the best tablets under 20000 available in the Indian market. These tablets have no exclusivity and are designed for customised services only. The reason being the price and the technology added to it.

It strives to provide a basic orientation of how people can use a tablet for performing tasks which is exclusive to computers or laptops. The tablets under 20,000 not only serve for the interest of office automation but also for streaming and purposes associated with phones. In addition, these are efficient products rated for their performance, durability, functions and processors. The best tablets under 20,000 are listed below:                     

1. Samsung Galaxy Tab A7

The features of this tablet includes a slim design which makes it sophisticated for customers who prefer the looks of the tablet over other internal features.

This may be a preferred  choice for some people . It is 7mm thick and it weighs a mere 476g. In addition, it has a durable metal body. It has a better RAM  in comparison to the succeeding tablets. It should be noted that the galaxy series were the pioneers for developing tablets and having mentioned that, it is fitting to say that this tablet is compatible and a preferable choice for majority of the Indians and worldwide.

DisplayTFT- 10.4 inches, Resolution – 1200 X 2000 pixels, 224 ppi density
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 662
Battery Capacity7040mAh
OSAndroid 10
Rear Camera8MP
Front Camera5MP
ConnectivityUSB, WI-FI, BLUETOOTH,

2. Lenovo Tab 48 Plus 16GB 

This tablet shares similar features with the preceding tablet with the exception of the android version which is 7.0. This tablet too is a preferred choice for the office workers.

In addition, it has a better ram and storage in comparison to Galaxy Tab A7. However, it has no OTG connectivity and provides no access to high definition streaming. This may be disliked by customers who prefer using a keyboard for office work. However, for customers seeking for a better display and a better resolution, this tablet is the preferred choice.

Display8 inches, Resolution – 1200 X 1920
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 625
Battery Capacity4850mAh
OSAndroid 7.0
Rear Camera8MP
Front Camera5MP

3. Lenovo Tab M10 FHD Plus

Lenovo Tab M10 FHD Plus has a MediaTek Helio P22T and has a performance rating which surpasses the preceding tablets. It has a good resolution and an enhanced display. This may be a preference for customers who don’t need a tablet for heavy operations and just for the sake of having a tablet. This can be a choice for customers who prefer the price optimality over the functionaries of the device. It has better battery capacity than its predecessor. In addition, this is a moderate laptop for moderate needs with a good performance rate.

Display10.3 inches, Resolution – 1200 X 1920
Processor MediaTek Helio P22T 
Battery Capacity5000mAh
OSAndroid 7.0
Rear Camera5 MP
Front Camera2.2 MP

4. Samsung Galaxy Tab A10

This tablet is an enhanced version of Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 and is more customised for users. This is not precisely a tablet that comes under 20,000 but with just a mere increase of 1,000 and may have variations in online prices. 

All the deformities present in the preceding Samsung Tab is replaced by a better and more equipped version of the Galaxy series. This is a new model but doesn’t really have much difference with the exception of  operation optimality.

Display10.1inches, Resolution – 1200 X 1920
Processor Exynos 7904
Battery Capacity6150 mAh
OSAndroid 9.0 – 10(Upgradeable)
Rear Camera8MP
Front Camera5MP
ConnectivityUSB, WI-FI, GPS Bluetooth, Headphones, GPS

5. Acer One 10

This tablet has a high rating for  performance  and its battery backup in comparison with camera and battery. The price is marginal and is more convenient for official works. It has a more advanced android version capable of conducting operations both effectively and efficiently. It is a preferred choice for any tech enthusiast. It may have fewer abnormalities and it is suited for almost all works related with office automations.

Acer has a lesser popularity among customers which serves as an advantage because it is apparently the underdog. It secretly produces better products and aids the customer for better user experience.

After the galaxy series, this is the best under 20,000 that covers all the requirements.

Display10.1 inches
Processor MediaTek MT8766B
Storage64GB expandable to 256 GB
Battery Capacity6600mAh
OSAndroid 9.0
Rear Camera8MP
Front Camera5MP

6. Honor Pad 5

This tablet is more advanced and has better performance,camera, battery and display  ratings in comparison to the tablets listed above.

It is also the perfect choice for a tablet under 20,000. It echoes the description of Acer 

One 10. It is compatible for any device and has a good rating on performance, battery. 

NOTE: Honor has been producing better products for better user experience and has managed to provide a stiff competition to giants like Samsung and Redmi over the last five years. 

As a customer who wants to witness a new model for tablets excluding the narrative of Samsung and Apple, Honor is the right choice especially when it is under the category of best tablet  under 20,000.

Display8 inches, Resolution – 1200 X 1920
Processor Kirin 710 Octa Core 
Storage62GB Expandable to 512GB
Battery Capacity5000mAh
OSAndroid 9.0
Rear Camera8MP
Front Camera8MP

7. Lenovo Ideapad D330

This is a Laptop model, easy to use tablet which does the work of a laptop and a cellphone together. It has a splendid design and software that functions much faster than other compatible tablets listed above.

A person with a fixed budget can use this very tablet as a laptop and can have no worries over the technical facilities which the laptop provides.This is the ideal choice for a person planning to purchase a customised computer-cum -laptop version of a tablet. The price surpasses the 20,00 marks but only with a nominal surge.

For a user wanting a precise laptop-like experience, this is the best model for you. It is literally a quality product at a reasonable price.

Display10.1 inches, Resolution – 1280 X 800
Processor Intel Celeron N4000
Storage128GB Drive
Battery Capacity13hours
OSWindows 10

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The tablets listed above are not the only tablets which fall under the category of best tablets under 20,000. There are many tablets under production which are withheld as a result of the pandemic but when they will be launched a better choice for customers will be available. Until then, these seven tablets will serve the purpose for your purchase and will for sure be worth every single penny or rupee or the legal tender you spend for purchasing any of these.

The choices that are listed as the preferred choice are indeed preferred by a lot of customers.We shall hope that your expectations are met by these best tablets under 20,000.

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